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World's Largest Hologram Entertainment Product Distributor

World's Largest Hologram Theme Park Attractions Distributor

Upgrade your business over your competitors with the latest hologram technology

Perhaps you have seen holograms in movies or TV shows. They look solid and real, but they are made of light. Holograms are a new technology that has only recently become affordable in entertainment, have a look at our prices, you may be surprised! Please have a look at our website. Perhaps holograms will be a part of your business future or current expansion.

Axiom Holographics produces a variety of attractions that use the latest hologram technology. Holograms are a new technology that project objects in the air using lasers. In the past hologram technology was very expensive and was only used by governments and defence, however the costs have come down significantly in recent years. Hologram attractions are very new, so most people have not seen them before.

Axiom Holographics produces more hologram products for more industries than any other company.
Generally we make hologram equipment for the defence and science sectors. However, in the past 3 years we have been taking the advanced technology used in those sectors and using it in the entertainment sector.

Comparing Holograms to Other Top Attractions

Holograms are many times more advanced then traditional technology. Here is a video comparing hologram technology to the top three immersive attractions in the world today:


Hologram Tunnels

A hologram tunnel is 20 meters by 3.6 meters. It is 3 meters high. The walls use a new technology that makes them have real depth. This means that rather than looking flat, the visitors feel like they are in a large open environment. They can see mountains hundreds of kilometres away and they really do look like a window with objects far away. The hologram tunnel projects realistic animals that act alive. These animals are made with laser light, and they appear in the air of the tunnel. As dolphins swim past the people can reach out to pat them but because there are made of light their hand goes straight through them. They are the most high tech attraction in the world at the moment.

Click here to download a complete Hologram Tunnels product brochure including detailed specifications.

Prehistoric Tunnel Experience

This was made as a traveling show for museums. There are five scenes to walk through (guests go through the tunnel five times) off a plastic branch to a mother brontosaurus who puts her head through the wall to great you, watch a baby dinosaur hatch from an egg. In the prehistoric swamp 70cm dragonflies land on branches and fly all around you. See a 30-meter Kronosaurus.

Aquatic dinosaurs swim through the air (they are 3d laser projections), the tyrannosaurus rex puts his head through the wall into the room to eat you. Giant pterodactyls fly over your head, fall over a waterfall. None of these things are real they are all laser projections that float in the air and appear to be solid.

North and South Pole Experience

Perfect for Christmas. See the penguins, a giant walrus comes off the wall into the tunnel. Under the ice the seals are swimming they swim into the air of the tunnel. The aurora in the night sky is beautiful, hologram snowflakes fall in the room. The fish jump out of the frozen stream into the tunnel, enter a hologram cave where the polar bears are hibernating, a baby bear comes up to meet you so you can pat him.

In the open ocean a 20-meter whale swims past he is very big, a killer whale watches the penguins glide by, at the end a killer whale smashes the glass and the room fills with hologram water that goes up over every ones head.   None of these things are real they are all laser projections that float in the air and appear to be solid.

Coming Soon

Australia: See koalas, gliding possums, crocodiles, kangaroos and so much more. (Christmas 2022)
Africa: Elephants, giraffes, pat the lion, see the gorillas (February 2022)


Hologram Tunnels

Pricing for Purchase:

Purchase of One Tunnel With No Revenue Share:$205k includes credits to get 8 pieces of content.It allows a throughput of around 18-20 people per hour.

Revenue Share Model for One Tunnel (This Allows A Throughput Of Around 18-20 People Per Hour.)$125k to purchase, plus a royalty payment of $2.40 per customer or$70k to purchase. plus a royalty payment of $4 per customeror$50k to purchase. plus a royalty payment of $5 per customer

Included In The Revenue Share Models:
With all revenue share models, you will receive 3-4 pieces of new content per year.
At the end of 4 years, there will be a renegotiation of the royalty payment per customer according to standard inflation in order to continue receiving new content, or you can remain on the original payment per customer but not receive further content. You will be billed quarterly for the royalty payment per customer.

There will be additional fees for installation, shipping and government charges.

Content Coming Soon

What We’re Building

We have two main lines of content. The first is museum-based content like dinosaurs, planets, giant insects etc. The second line of content is “hologram zoo” content where we show different countries / continents and the animals that live in those countries / continents.


At present north pole has been released for Christmas 2022, Australia is also ready for release by Christmas 2022, with Africa expected to be available by March 2022.

Australia: See koalas, gliding possums, crocodiles, kangaroos and so much more. (Christmas 2022)

Africa: Elephants, giraffes, pat the lion, see the gorillas (March 2023)

Here are the other hologram zoo experiences that are coming out in 2023 and 2024:

The Planets (Coming Aug 2023)

This content allows people to:
1. Float in the international space station;
2. Float out into space and see the Earth;
3. See a 30-metre hologram of the solar system with the planets going around the sun;
4. Visit the surface of mars and Venus;
5. See the four large moons of Jupiter;
6. Visit the lakes of liquid methane on Titan and see Saturn rise in the sky;
7. See a futuristic city on a moon of Saturn showing what the future might be like.

Custom Content Creation

Yes, we make custom Hologram content!

CLICK HERE to see our custom content pricing.

Contact us at to speak about your project.

If you would like custom built content our rates are below:

We make the graphics. Per character = $7000 (high quality), $3000 (normal quality)
You supply the graphics and characters in normal usable 3D formats = $400 per character processing fee.

$8000 (for the scene) plus $5,000 (for each non-standard asset),
(A standard asset is things like trees or rocks or things that already exist in our library, a non-standard asset is something that has to be custom built, like a statue of a character or a particular building.)
You supply the entire background seen in normal usable 3D formats = $800 processing fee per background.

We make the graphics. Per character = $350 per second (high quality), $80 (normal quality)
(Walks are looping and generally consist of only 3 seconds of animation, a dinosaur chomping is around 2 seconds. Generally most experiences have between 1 to 2 minutes of unique animation )
You supply the animation of your characters = $300 per character processing fee per character.

Final assembly:
Per minute of content = $8,000


Have you seen the dinosaur experience in the hologram tunnel? It consist of five scenes, each one goes for 1 minute and 50 seconds. In total it cost $225k  to produce. This is broken down as:
10 high quality characters ($70k)
5 backgrounds ($40k)
120 seconds total animation time ($42k)
550 seconds for the total experience ($73k)

However our North Pole experience was made using normal assets for both characters and back grounds.  
It consist of five scenes, each one goes for 1 minute and 50 seconds. In total it cost $163k  to produce. It used normal animations, with the 15 seconds of high quality animation for a scene where a whale smashes through the ice. The pricing for this content is broken down as follows:
7 normal quality characters ($21k)
5 backgrounds ($40k)
4 non standard assets ($20k)
45 seconds total animation time ($4k)
15 seconds high quality animation time ($5k)
550 seconds for the total experience ($73k)

Hologram Enclosures

These are 5m * 4m fenced areas where people walk around the outside and look at moving creatures. At present they have Dinosaur-based Content with 9 different creatures.


( comes with one themed content pack consisting of 6 pieces of content, and credits for 3 more content packs in future. Those with tunnels will receive matching enclosure content with their content credits, or for free in the revenue share model )

Hologram Arcade Machines

Traditional arcade machines have flat screens, but this is a new technology that uses lasers to project holograms into the air. Imagine the delight of children when they play a game where the animals are giant holograms that are as big as them.

This giant hologram arcade machine measures approximately 5 meters by 4.5 meters and is 2.9 meters high. The giant hologram arcade machine takes up to 4 people at a time who sit at the back of the room on an elevated platform and use giant joypads. Each seat & joypad rumble according to the actions of the individual players. For example, the individual seats will rumble when their car bumps into a wall. The players use giant joypads. These are very much loved by customers as their size is considered a great novelty.

Click HERE to download a detailed brochure about our Hologram Arcade Machines.

The machines come with six different games, with many more games currently in development. Currently, the available games are displayed above (There are 4 “Play as Enemies” and 2 “Play as Friends” games).

Rally Racer - Giant 4-Player Arcade Game

Rally Racer is a unique racing game where the players control the acceleration and braking of their car whilst the game handles the navigation around the track automatically. The goal of Rally Racer is to be the first person to complete all of their laps before the other players. The person who wins the most out of 3 total tracks is the winner.

Hungry Crocs Hologram Arcade Game

Hungry Crocodiles, the goal of Hungry Crocodiles is to press your joypad’s colour that matches your crocodiles’ colour to eat fish; the winner is the person with the highest points at the end of 3 rounds. This is easy for younger children as they randomly hit the buttons on their joypad.

Catapults & Castles Hologram Arcade Game

Catapults and Castles is a free for all game where you control medieval catapults to destroy buildings by launching rocks at them. Each building has a different treasure with a specific number of points chosen randomly at the start of each round; the person with the highest points at the end of all three rounds is the winner.

Dino Village Battle Hologram Arcade Game

Dino Village Battle is a free for all game where you control a pterodactyl with the joystick that will drop fruit when you press any of the buttons on the joypad. The goal is to lead dinosaurs into your enemy’s villages and destroy the villages to get points; at the end of each round, you get to decide what to upgrade for the following round, these upgrades are as follows: Speed, Fruit, Walls. The person with the most points at the end of all three rounds is the winner.

Jungle Crane Hologram Arcade Game

Jungle Crane is a team-based memory matching game; the players control two cranes used to grab animals from holes in the ground; the holes have an arrangement of animals that the players need to grab two matches with their two cranes. The goal of Jungle Crane is to clear the entire board(s) before the time runs out.

Cave Explorers Hologram Arcade Game

Cave Explorers is a team-based spot the difference game; two tablets are displayed in the middle of the screen. The players must find the difference corresponding to the section of the tablet, which is represented by a colour. For example, if the difference is in the red area, the player(s) will have to press the red button to confirm they have found the difference. The goal of Cave Explorers is to complete all three levels before the time runs out.

Coming Soon

These games are 80% complete in their development and are fully playable.

The games are all very high quality, and, at present, they are done in a “Nintendo” style where the graphics are cartoonish and brightly coloured. Axiom has 18 games for this system that are over 80% complete. New games will be released around four times a year.

Normally, Axiom Holographics makes very advanced military and government products. The reason Axiom is producing high-quality content at a faster rate than anyone else in the field is because they use a very advanced AI system, they created that does the programming for them.

Instead, not one line of code in any of their games was written by a human being. Instead, their artists answer questions, and the computer takes the information and writes the program for them. This system was built by Axiom Holographics for simulation purposes but is now put to use in creating high quality gaming content.

Hologram Characters

In August 2023 we are releasing Artificial Intelligent Hologram characters that can answer questions and have a conversation. These are pre-programmed with your responses. We can use a hologram of a real person, or convert the real person’s mouth movements and actions to a cartoon character. They work in indoor lighting but not daylight outside. Contact us if you see use for this in your projects.

Stage Holograms

Conferences can put holograms on stage. These do not require the audience to wear any glasses to see. Stage Holograms are not true holograms, because you cannot walk around them to see every angle. They are still, however, very impressive as a form of 3D presentation!


The standard standalone version of this is a booth, measuring 4m (13.1ft) wide by 2m (6.5ft) deep. It is 2.5m (8.2ft) tall. However, custom-built versions can be made for any size up to 5m high by 10m wide, and can be built directly onto existing stages! Stage Holograms require that the lights be off when in use.
Holograms appear to float in the air, and the projection appears to be around 3m thick.

When others make these sort of stage holograms they normally look very flat, yet Axiom’s holograms appear to look like real, large floating objects. The reason for this is because other companies are simply putting a project onto a flat silk screen and so their projections look flat. Axiom Holographics uses a new patented technology that makes the objects appear to be 2.5m thick.

This technology is best described as follows:

“Normally people use the trigonometry of their two eyes to determine depth, but from more than 3 metres away the human brain prefers to determine an objects shape and dimensions based on how light and shadows curve across the object. By artificially projecting alternate moving light fields across the object the human brain will map a 2d object according to the 3dinesions that the software provides.”

Using this technology makes a very big difference.

There is a red and blue glasses option that gives an even more impressive 3D effect that will make objects appear to float down to each individual user and be within touching range.

We also have a new technology where real people can be made into holograms. A special technology is applied to these people so that their characters appear to be facing and talking directly to each member of the audience. This is an amazing effect.

( this is a large enclosed material and metal box with seats)
NORMAL THEATRE = $30k  ( one layer one projector. Seats 15 people )
UPGRADED SPECIAL VERSION = $100k ( two layers , three projectors plus rumble chairs )

Alternatively ask us about custom built larger theatres or fitting in your existing space.
content goes for around 10-15 minutes.
( comes with one credits for 8 pieces of content, or ask us about custom built content. Those with tunnels will receive matching theatre content with their content credits, or for free in the revenue share model ) 

Hologram Entertainment Rooms

These are like the Holodeck from Star Trek.

They are rooms that use lasers to project objects that float in the air all around the visitors.

The picture above shows the basic trapezium shape of the room, the laser projections come from the equipment above and the hologram tracking domes at the front assist in creating objects in the air. These objects look solid because you can walk around them and see them from different sides, but they are actuly made of laser light so you can put your hand straight through them.   This is the equipment that was used to make the famous Hologram aquarium for the luxury four seasons resort in the Maldives.

Each room is 5m by 4.5m and 3m high.

Normally a family or group of up to 5 people will go in at a time. Below we show the existing content.

Holographic Monster Escape Rooms

They are like normal escape rooms except the objects and equipment are holograms made out of laser light. They are for young adults, as they are a bit scary, but there is a “kids friendly” version that is less scary.

Like normal escape rooms where there are lots logic and number puzzles, in our Monster Escape Room you will have to solve physical puzzles and look around and underneath things. This is a great challenge for adult escape room fans but the puzzles are not too difficult for kids that love escape rooms too!

There are 2 different types, each one goes for around 15-18 minutes.


Use various holographic equipment to solve puzzles and bring Frankenstein’s monster to life.
In this part you will take turns with your friends in figuring out the solution to a bunch of puzzles to find all of the body parts!


Congratulations, you have been invited to The Castle of Count Vlad Dracula!

Unfortunately, the dinner guests keep going missing.

This is more of a story with puzzles to solve along the way.

Questions and Answers

We recommend a maximum of 5 people, though more can be squeezed in if you want to.

You and your friends go into a Hologram Room where objects made of laser light are projected all around you. It feels like you are in a castle but because all the furniture is holographic you can walk right through it.  The Holograms are interactive so you can smash things or open things or having living characters interact with you.

There are two versions, the first is rated “M” and is for young adults. It is a bit gory as in one section you must assemble Frankenstein from his body parts, and they have bones sticking out.
There are also other scary scenes, but there is also a kid’s friendly version where the children build a robot Frankenstein. Also, In the kid’s friendly version you do not stab Dracula yourself.


In this experience, you and your friends or family go into a Hologram Room where you go on a Holographic Dinosaurs adventure!

You go through ten different scenes. The Holographic Dinosaurs look real but they are made of laser light. They are real world sizes so some of them are very big.

Pick Hologram Grass to feed a Brontosaurus, fly through the air with the Pterodactyls, visit the ocean – but beware of what could be down there!

Duration: 30 minutes


Visit the Holographic Museum!

In this section you will see a holographic dinosaur skeleton. It looks solid, but is made of light, so you can put your hand straight through it.

View the world as a hologram floating in space in front of you

See the Earth as a hologram. In the past, all of the world’s countries were joined together in one supercontinent, called Pangaea.

Cower as real-life size T-Rex fight above you

Two giant holographic Tyrannosaurus Rexes fight while you are on the ground underneath them.

Try not to get stepped on! Don’t worry though, they are made of light so they can’t squish you!

Defend the Brontosaurus eggs from oviraptors

Feed grass to a mother Brontosaurus, then defend her nest from egg-stealing dinosaurs. Watch a baby dinosaur hatch out of an egg.

Don’t forget to give it a pat, it is very cute!

View giant hologram insects from the past and learn about the different types

Did you know that insects used to be the size of cats? See some holographic creepy crawlies and give them a pat.

It’s a stampede! Dodge the triceratops to earn points

Something has scared the Triceratops herd – dodge them as they stampede towards you!

Take a swim in the prehistoric ocean – but be careful of what could be down there

Sail on a raft over the prehistoric ocean.

Feed fish to the Plesiosaurs then take a “swim” with a Kronosaurus.

Hide in the long grass from the holographic raptors

Velociraptors are very dangerous dinosaurs!

Hide in the long grass and duck down low.

Fly through the air with the Pteranodons of time past

In this section, you are a Pteranodon! Fly with your flock through the caves and over the oceans. Oh dear, there seems to be a big ball of fire in the sky! I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about…

Dig through the ground with your holographic drill as you search for dinosaur bones

Use your holographic drill and dig through the holographic rocks. Maybe you’ll find something important…


This is the Famous Hologram Aquarium room that is used at the four seasons luxury hotel in the Maldives.

In this amazing attraction you and your family will be surrounded by holographic aquarium and sea creatures made of laser light. You will go through 10 different mini adventures. Holograms look real and solid but they are made of laser light.

The hologram fish and sea animals float in the air and you can put your hand straight through them! The attractions at Holoverse are great kids activities but adults will have an awesome time experiencing the Holographic Aquarium too!

Duration: 30 minutes


Swim with fish and turtles that are made out of light, they look solid but you can put your hand right through them!

We use Laser Light to project a coral reef all around you.

Make friends with a parrot fish and hide from the stingrays!

Using the latest Hologram Technology you cxan swim among life-sized giant holographic whales!

A lot of people say this one is their favourite, and one of the best things they have ever done!

Under the sand, a mother turtle has laid her eggs.

Help the hatchlings along the beach and down to the ocean!

You and your friends will travel in a submarine down to the deep depths of the ocean where strange fish glow in the dark.

Be careful down there, who knows what exciting things you’ll find!

Visit the Great Barrier Reef and paint the baby seahorses to camouflage them from the sharks

Enjoy the open ocean in your row boat, until strange things begin to happen!

Mimic octopuses can change their colour to blend in to the environment.

Can you find them all?

Hunting for underwater pirate treasure is a very dangerous business!

Humans have not taken good care of the ocean – it is filled with garbage!

Help clean up this mess with your holographic vacuum cleaner!


You and your friends play 7 different hologram sports, using holographic equipment.

You divide into two teams and play against each other, the winning team gets great prizes.

HoloSports is different to our Dinosaur Adventure or the Holographic Aquarium because two teams play against each other.

The winning team will get a medal, as well a Jade prize ticket. Jade tickets can be swapped for a range of fun prizes!

Duration: 30 minutes


Although the weights might be holographic you still need to maintain balance to pull off weightlifting successfully!

Use all your strength to throw javelins, shotputs and discuses across the field in an effort to prove yourself!

Impress the judges with style by selecting your diving routine before taking a leap off the diving board into holographic water!

Race against your holographic competitors in track and field! Hit the Acceleration marks to speed up!

Hit the holographic targets and prove your skill with the bow. Adjust your aim and power to get bullseyes!

Use holographic paddles to hit the holographic ball against your competitor in a fierce battle of table tennis!

Fight one on one against your opponent in fencing. Use your foil to strike marks and gain points. Time your strikes to hit the marks when they’re full to score extra points! 


Have you ever wanted to fly?

In this short experience you fly through the sky in a hologram room over a mysterious lost island city of dinosaurs. There are many different dinosaurs to find. Many people love this upgrade, flying is certainly an experience to remember.


The flying feels so real that it may scare people who are afraid of heights, or give motion sickness to people who fly too fast around corners or loop the loop, so please choose carefully before doing this one.

This one is so intense that you only get around 5 minutes. You can choose for just some members of your group to do this experience if you wish.

These is also a swim with the dolphins fly over as well which is similar to the lost island flyover,but is underwater. You can swim were ever you like or there is a “on rails” version that is good for children as it takes them on a tour. 


About Axiom Holographics

Our Leadership

Bruce Dell
CEO, Inventor / Founder / Award-Winning Public Speaker
Our CEO is Bruce Dell, who is considered to be one of Australia’s top inventors. He came second in China’s largest tech competition in 2019, and the mayor of Silicon Valley gave him the Yosemite award for best technology in 2019. Bruce was a keynote speaker alongside Steve Wozniak at the Australian Government Technology Convention.

David Merson
Chairman of Entertainment Division
David was the former CEO and founder of  “MINCOM” (formerly Australia’s largest Technology Company). Mincom had 1,300 employees and ARR of $200 million. David helps with business strategy and legal.

Matti Kattilakoski
Head of EU & US Expansion
Fmr. Head of NOKIA Digital US

Matti was the former head of Nokia Digital US. Nokia Digital US did very well for 15 years under Matti’s leadership. Matti has now joined Axiom Holographics to look after strategy in global expansion.

Axiom Holographics produces more hologram products for more industries than any other company.
Generally we make hologram equipment for the defence and science sectors. However, in the past 3 years we have been taking the advanced technology used in those sectors and using it in the entertainment sector.

Axiom Holographics produces a variety of attractions that use the latest hologram technology. Holograms are a new technology that project objects in the air using lasers. In the past hologram technology was very expensive and was only used by governments and defence, however the costs have come down significantly in recent years. Hologram attractions are very new, so most people have not seen them before.

Our shareholders include: Leica Geosystems (Switzerland), Morgan’s (Australia), Sheik Salem of Oman, executives from Softbank and the founders of MINCOM, formerly Australia’s largest software company.



In the non-entertainment sectors our customers include: US Marines, Four Seasons Resort Maldives (owned by Bill Gates), AIRBUS, Queensland Government (TMR), Bentley Motors, Hong Kong International Airport and Lockheed Martin, along with many more.


Europe Middle East:
Matti Kattilakoski
Phone number: +358 9 2316 5153
Main office: Helsinki Finland.

Australia, Asia:
Phone number: +61 7 3188 3119 
Main Office: Brisbane Australia

North and South America:
Brenden Hodgkins
Main Office: Austin Texas